Twitch Cassette Archive Project


Every hollygorock Twitch stream is recorded straight to ONE cassette which ONE person gets to own forever. This is the real new technology. INTERNETS break and DATA gets deleted or corrupted. Cassette tapes don't (unless you put them near a magnet or a speaker or leave them in a hot car) which means these will be around forever.

Each 60-minute cassette is recorded during the stream and is a one-of-a-kind creation, never to be copied or duplicated (unless you copy or duplicate it which is fine). I will sign and stamp each cassette and paper j card with the date of the stream and it will probably sit on my shelf forever because there is no demand for this.

If a tape becomes 2 weeks old and I still have it I'll probably tape over it since tapes don't grow on trees and I don't want to keep buying them from eBay.


Tapes are $10, OR you can just gift 2 Twitch subs

hollygorock Twitch Cassette Archive for 8/21/19

sold out

hollygorock Twitch Cassette Archive for 8/13/19

hollygorock Twitch Cassette Archive for 8/12/19

hollygorock Twitch Cassette Archive for 8/7/19